MadSkillz Lax / Florida Select Lacrosse


madskillz (/mad/skil/zzzz) m,v,adj.,adv.:

1. when a lacrosse player embodies the combination
of tremendous athletic ability... ridiculous stick skills
and amazing lacrosse IQ.

Madskillz Lacrosse Teams offer a comprehensive girls lacrosse program tailored for players aged 8 to 13. With elite coaching available multiple times a week in Delray Beach and and the Boca Raton Area, players receive high-quality instruction to enhance their skills and performance on the field. The program’s commitment to competing in highly competitive tournaments nationwide provides valuable exposure and experience for participants.

In addition to on-field training, Madskillz Lacrosse Teams prioritize education and skill development, providing a well-rounded experience for players. The option for private lacrosse instruction further allows players to hone specific areas of their game and maximize their potential.

One notable aspect of the program is its focus on long-term player development. By preparing players to compete at the elite level with the Florida Select Teams in High School, Madskillz Lacrosse Teams set a clear pathway for aspiring athletes to continue their lacrosse journey and reach their full potential.

Overall, Madskillz Lacrosse Teams offer a comprehensive and competitive program that fosters the growth and development of young female lacrosse players, preparing them for success both on and off the field.


Purpose Driven Passion

Every day on the field we are determined to give positive insightful coaching to our lacrosse members.

Madskillz Lax is dedicated to elevating the skill sets, athletic ability, and lacrosse IQ of every single lacrosse member. Our goal is to instill a deep appreciation for the game of lacrosse in each individual. Moreover, we are devoted to ensuring that, throughout this incredible journey, every girl learns essential life lessons to excel in any endeavor—a philosophy we fondly call POSITENSITY! That is part of our coaching strategy. Every single practice will have coaches POSITIVELY instructing your daughter on the field at a very INTENSE level to get the maximum REPS in. This coaching strategy involves our coaches positively instructing your daughter with intense focus during every practice to maximize repetitions. If you aspire to reach the next level as a player, the key lies in consistent practice. All Madskillz Lax Coaching Staff members are Certified Instructors through USA Lacrosse, boasting college-level playing experience, exceptional athletic ability, and a strong lacrosse IQ. Additionally, they are all affiliated with the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Join Madskillz Lax, where you can BE AMAZING… BE YOU!

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