Member Benefits

Madskillz Lax realizes the economy has been struggling recently. With this in mind, Madskillz Lax is providing a tremendous benefits package for all Madskillz Lax Members. Check it out!

What do you get as a Madskillz Lax Member?


6 hours of practice per week

3 Practices per week in different local cities. Each practice will be 2 hours long. So as a member you get to have the ability to go to 6 hours worth of practices per week!

Competitive Tournaments/Games

The ability to participate in more than 10 tournaments/games per year. As a member you can pick and choose which tournament you would like to go to. These tournaments and games will be across the state of Florida and in different parts of the country!

Internal Round Robin Event

Every once in a while Madskillz Lax has an internal round robin event. This will dramatically enhance your stick skills. This is FREE for all members of Madskillz Lax.

Free Pinnie

Every Madskillz Lax member gets a Free Pinnie.

Madskillz Flash Clinic

Every Madskill Lax member will have the ability to get involved with the ‘Madskillz Lax Flash Clinic’. Every once in a while there will be a Flash clinic somewhere down in Florida. Each member will be emailed/texted 2 hours prior to the Flash Clinic destination. Each Flash Clinic will be for 60 minutes. It will be 60 minutes of intense fun that will immediately take your skill sets up to the next level. No one will know where the location is until 2 hours prior!!! Members should always be taking advantage of this!!

Surprise Coaches

Every Madskillz Lax Member will have surprise Coaches at certain times throughout the year to help with practices. Possible Division I Coaches or Players that will give their insight about this great game.

Madskillz Level Tests

Every Madskillz Lax Member will go through the ‘Madskillz Lax Level Tests’. Level exams for each member give them the ability to work on skill sets, athletic ability, and lacrosse IQ. Each member will be tested periodically for the next level they are trying to attain. This gives each member a motivating drive to pursue excellence.. to pursue MADSKILLZ!