Florida Select

logoCongratulations! You have graduated to the big leagues!! Welcome to the Florida Select Teams. These are the teams that play High School Lacrosse and travel around the country to get in front of College Coaches at National Showcase events!! These are invitational teams which means you have to be invited to participate with these teams. The majority of ball players that played on these elite Madskillz Teams usually transition into these Florida Select Teams. Here is the link to get to the Florida Select Teams:






Madeline Andrews                 2018                            University of Michigan (D I)

Kristen Zenor                          2018                            Fresno State University (D I)

Kelly Coughlan                        2018                            University of Louisville (D I)

Lizzy Lynch                               2018                            Florida Southern College (D II)  

Taylor Mullen                          2018                            University of Vermont (D I)

Maddie Pyle                              2018                            Grand Valley State Univ. (D II)

Sabrina Fernandez                2018                            Grand Valley State Univ (D II)

Lauren Mazzamaro               2018                             High Point University (D I)

Cameron Nagao                      2018                             Boston University (D I)

Morgan Lusk                            2018                             US Coast Guard Academy ( D III)



Katelyn Trainor                      2019                            Fresno State University (D I)

Allegra Catalano                     2019                            University of Louisville (D I)

Megan Mangines                    2019                            Butler University (D I)

Skylar Simmonds                   2019                            Bryant University (D I)



Caitlyn Wurzburger               2020                           Syracuse University (D I)