About Us

Madskillz Lax provides a girls lacrosse program to girls from the age of 8 all the way up to 15. Every day on the field we are determined to provide positive insightful coaching to our lacrosse members. We will provide a coaching experience 3 times a week in different local cities. We provide the ability to compete in the most competitive tournaments throughout the country. We will complement your lacrosse season with education and skill set training. Additionally, we can provide private lacrosse instruction to enhance your skill sets.

Mission Statement:

Madskillz Lax will strive to enhance the skill sets, athletic ability, and lacrosse IQ of every single lacrosse member. We will make sure that each member will learn to honor the game of lacrosse. In addition, we will be dedicated to make sure that, through this awesome journey, each girl will learn the life lessons needed to excel in anything they want to do.


There is not a tryout. Every single lacrosse member is part of an overall lacrosse team/family. If you are new to the sport we welcome you with open arms! If you are a seasoned veteran already we welcome you also with open arms!! Our Coaching Strategies will tremendously enhance each player no matter what type of experience. Think of Madskillz Lax as an outside gym membership. As a member, you will have the ability to go to 3 different practices per week. You will have the ability to have your choice to go to up to 10 different tournaments/games year round. There are more and more and more benefits….check out the member benefits section. Member Benefits

Why was Madskillz Lax started?

Madskillz Lax was started to become the eminent force in girls lacrosse education in South Florida. Coach McClain has seen the girls camps, select programs and clinics down here. First of all, there were not many at all. Secondly, the instructional programs were mediocre at best. Madskillz Lax will be on a mission to make sure that its Coaching Strategy is, by far, not mediocre. Have you been to a clinic where you just scrimmaged the majority of time? How many times did you touch the ball?…..how many times did you shoot?…..how many times did you practice cradling, passing , or dodging? We would have to imagine your answer is probably yes to the fact that you scrimmaged a ton, and your number to the other questions are probably low. This is actually pathetic. As a player, at every single practice and clinic, you need to have massive REPS. As a parent, you have to be upset that your daughter is not getting the proper instruction that your money paid for!!

We call it POSITENSITY!! That is part of our coaching strategy. Every single practice will have coaches POSITIVELY instructing your daughter on the field at a very INTENSE level to get the maximum REPS in. Do you want to get to the next level as a player? The only way to do this is practice, practice, practice. All of the Madskillz Lax Coaching Staff are Certified Instructors through US Lacrosse. The Coaches are all College Level Players with tremendous athletic ability and a solid lacrosse IQ.In addition, they are all part of the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Come join Madskillz Lax! BE AMAZING…. BE YOU!!!!