Madskillz Lax.. A New Dimension to Girls Lacrosse

Coach McClain saw that there was a tremendous disadvantage for girls in the South Florida area that wanted elite lacrosse instruction.” The boys lacrosse programs down here are all over the place with very experienced coaches.”Coach Mac adds,” When I was trying to find camps and clinics and instruction for my daughter to learn this great game there really were not many camps, coaches,or clinics for her to learn from. That is when I decided to really…genuinely get involved in learning the girl’s game.”

            This is exactly what Coach Mac did. He became a student of the girl’s game.” I started studying about every single aspect of this girl’s lacrosse game. I went to the Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses provided by US Lacrosse.” He added, ” I studied a ton of game film…inquired with other College, High School and Middle School Coaches down here.” Then he passionately explains,” Once I became comfortable knowing the different nuances, I then took my experience coaching the boys and developed my own strategy when it comes to coaching the girls.” Coach Mac used to take his daughter to a park each weekend and practice with her. After a few weekends, his daughter’s friends were also coming along to practice. Once he realized that these girls were hungry to learn this amazing sport he knew he had to do something. He sums it up, ” Starting up Madskillz Lax is something that tugged at my heart… I figured there are a ton of girls down here that would love to have positive, intense, and passionate coaching that will give them tremendous insight to take them to the next level.”

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